Information in all areas of science, duplicate every two years. If this fact is truly comprehended, it should set us reeling with its implications. Soil science and disease control is no different. New facts, figures and paradigm changing info is coming in fast and furious.

live-organic-disease-controle-2Information is now easy to get, assimilating it into the lives of people is another story. Assimilation has begun in the professional fields of horticulture. Most large corporate farming effectively use the predatory fungus Trichoderma for leaf health, as an example. Small labs are popping up servicing these farms with an arsenal of microbial predictors, many times used in combinations. Any University or government aggro agency will be talking about biological disease control along with traditional methods. But for small growers, especially home owners, as of yet, have very limited access and know-how concerning the benefits of biological tools.

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