Corn Organically Grown

Corn or maizs also has a botanical name, Zea mays. It is derived from the Spanish name for corn "maize". Corn is a grass originating in Mexico and Central America. Along with rice and wheat corn is one of the top 3 cereal crops grown in the world weighing in at 844.4 million metric tons grown and harvested every year. But we know all know about big industrial farming and it's cultural problems. That is one reason we want to grow our own food and vegetables, corn included if we can. Besides... it's fun, different and the way open minded persons are going these days. Corn was domesticated in Mexico and Central America more than 7,000 years ago from the wild. Those were the days... right?. No not really. They had no cars, TVs, movies on Saturday night or worries. (excuse me if I am getting off subject) Corn is bisexual having both male and female parts (monoecious). Thank good I'm not monoecious. I do love "my better half".

Corn is not normally thought of as a potted plant that can be grown in a container. So when you do, the neighbors are going to know you are thinking out of the box. Depending on your neighborhood, that could be good or bad. But have you heard? Out-of-the-box thinking is in vogue now. They will be surprised when the Baby Blue Jade Organic Corn gets no taller than a baseball bat. It gives off fat baby blue ears at harvest time.

Check Out the List of Corny Plants below. Some are baby and some are not. But We have a big Hydro-Organic Container that will take it. Have some fun, eat well and laugh a lot.

Baby Blue Jade Organic Corn

Baby Blue Jade Organic Corn

Baby Blue Jade Organic Corn | General Description Baby Blue Jade Corn (botanical name – Zea mays var ‘Blue Jade’) is a mini size corn compare to traditional sweet corn. However even though it is the size of a baby corn (but fatter), it carries normal sized large kernels. Baby Blue Jade Corn Plants bear 3 to 6 ears each, with sweet steel-blue kernels which turn jade-blue when boiled. It is an heirloom variety meaning it has not been genetically changed in any way. The cobs are sweet and tasty for an older variety of corn. The stalks grow only 2 to 3 feet tall. This is a perfect plant to grow in a container. You can place as many as 6 seedlings in a larger 40liter Fincita. You will be eating these babies 75 days after planting, if you give her the full sun she likes. Baby Blue Jade Organic Corn | a Healthy Vegetable The deep blue color comes from a pigments called anthocyanins. This is an interesting concentrated pigments which could appear red, purple, or blue.  Anthocyanins is found in fruits, berries, purple cabbage, beets, as well as our baby corn. These powerful antioxidants have been linked to a wide list of health benefits. Anthocyanins prevents the onset of many degenerative diseases, including aging, cancer, heart disease, stroke, cataracts, and mental stress. Anthocyanins are currently being researched for a large number of potential health benefits. Health benefits of Anthocyanins  ...

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