Strawberry Seeds General Information

strawberries-and-organic-aquaponics-1There can be more than 200 strawberry seeds on the outside of a strawberry. Strawberrys are referred to as a “berry,” but they are not a true berry like blueberries and others. Their seeds are not true “seeds” either.” The red strawberry flesh is actually accessory tissue, while the tiny tan flecks are actually fruits in and of themselves. These tiny tan fruits contain the seeds. The seed-containing fruits are called “achenes” Or can also be referred to as an akene, achenocarp, or an achenium.

Germinating Strawberry Seeds

All wild and alpine varieties should be placed in the freezer for 3 weeks so as to “cold stratify” them, simulating the winter. This will improve the percentage of germination.

Traditional Strawberries:  The germination type substrate (17% compost) should be approximately 2cm deep and pre-moistened to 30%. Sprinkle the seeds over the damp seed substrate and add a light dusting of pure peat moss over the planted surface. Strawberry seeds germinate faster with some light hitting them. The germination time averages 21-30 days. Once the strawberry plants have sprouted, do not transplant into a container until the 3rd true leaves appear.

Alpine Strawberries: Press into soil but barely cover them. Cover the germination tray or cell with newspaper to exclude light and to keep out of direct sun light. The germination will be between 2 to 5 weeks.