• Bush beans will produce all of their fruit over a few weeks' time. But start picking early. The more you pick the more it produces.
  • Bred by E.M. Meader at the University of New Hampshire and introduced Purplr Bush Beans in 1957.
  • All bush beans support a delicate purple pink flower which can be added to salads or even soups.

Purple Bush Bean General Information

Purple Bush Bean produces long slightly curved dark purple pods that turn dark green when cooked. Excellent flavor and string-less but best picked when pods are young. They race up their supports, burst into shocking magenta flower, and then produce hundreds of gorgeous regal purple beans. The pods are attractive and round with a waxy finish. Ready to pick in around 52 days, they can be eaten whole or sliced. The taste is wonderfully fresh with a crisp, clean aftertaste and the fact that they are also stringless heightens the culinary experience. Best picked when around the thickness of a pencil and as with most legumes, the more you pick the better your crop will be.

Which AMC Container to Plant In

The medium sizes will all work on this purple bush bean variety. I am referring to the 20lt sizes. We have a good selection in this size all produced with recycled materials, reworked by hand.

Note from the editor:

Click on the last black button under the slide show at the top of the page. It’s subject is the Purple Bush Bean. Its subject is they change color while cooking. Check it out if that interests you.