General Characteristics of the Pretty Purple Pepper Plant

Say it thrice:

  1. Pretty Purple Pepper Plant
  2. Pretty Purple Pepper Plant
  3. Pretty Purple Pepper Plant

Pretty Purple is one variety of a purple pepper that is both ornamental and hot. The plant is taller  than most ornamental standing at nearly 60cm when mature. The peppers start out green, immediately turns to purple and finally gives us a medium hot pepper (Scoville Unit Scale 1100+/-) when mature. The foliage is green with tints of purple showing off the violet-colored flowers.  It will do nicely in a medium hydro-organico passive or flowing container of about 15lt in volume.

How to Grow The Purple Pepper

Like most peppers it will take a couple of weeks after planting the seed to see the little seedlings pop up. Then perhaps another 80 days for a full bush of fruit. All peppers prefer full su, so lets put t out in the patio with no roof. You can use the containers built in transparent roof to keep her dry. Even though pepper plants take rain well, a roof will keep the container from catching the rain and getting too full. But no problem with no roof as well. The passive containers have an overspill outlet. The water level indicator at the bottom of the pot, will bail the water in the pot after reaching the top of the tube.