Phytophthora-ramorum-featured-imagePhytophthora is a genus of plant-destroying Oomycetes, commonly called water molds. Approximately 100 species have been described, although 100-500 undiscovered Phytophthora species are estimated to exist. I just hope one doesn’t invade my hydro-organic system. But I doubt it will. If you have a strong growth of beneficial biofilm going in your system, you most probably will never encounter this most common hydroponic fungus-like pathogen. Phytophthora is morphologically very similar to true fungi yet its evolutionary history is quite distinct. In contrast to fungi, they are more closely related to plants than animals. Phytophthora species are well adapted to the diverse environments that they encounter in different seasons and environments. They produce several types of structures. Some ensure survival in the absence of a host plant.  Others are well suited for infecting plants or dispersing to other plants. All the structures are so small that a microscope is necessary to see them.