Big Jim Hot Pepper Description

Introduced in 1975 by New Mexico State University (NMSU), home of the Chile Pepper Institute and pepper pro Dr. Nakayama. He classified his fruit as Capsicum frutescens longum. It was created from crosses between a Peruvian chile and various large New Mexico Universities  private collection of sweeties. This Big Guy is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest pepper. It produces 8″ to 12″ long by 2 ¾” wide, thick, smooth, fleshy fruits. They have high yields of bright green (maturing to deep red), mildly hot fruit. Pungency is variable from plant to plant.  The young green peppers are so mild that they can be used as a green sweet peppers for cooking. It has a Scoville heat unit rating of 500 to 2,500. That is quite a spread I know.

Fabian Garcia

pepper-fabian-garciaIf your into peppers joining the Chile Pepper Institute created in honor of Fabian Garcia, the father of New Mexico’s pepper industry, if not the father of modern peppers period. NMSU has honored Mexicanborn Don Garcia by naming the 45-acre research center after him. In 1907, Garcia began the chile-breeding work that would lead to the creation of New Mexico’s first standardized variety of the New Mexico chile pepper. People couldn’t depend on the stability, in shape, taste and hotness of the varieties starting to appear on the scene. He set out to creating a pod that growers and consumers could depend on. Garcia made possible mass cultivation of genetically stable chile peppers. This opened the door to the chile-processing and -canning industry. Today, more than 40,000 acres of New Mexico chiles are under cultivation in California, Arizona and Texas.

Growing Big Jim Hot Pepper

Big Gim likes to grow and is surprisingly small in comparison to the large fruit. The bush can growing between 24″ to 36″ high, with up to 30 pods on a single plant. When fruits have reached full-size they are light green to red. The dark red fruits are fully ripened. It will take approximately 80 days after transplanting seedlings in to containers for the fruit to be mature. Be sure to use a pruning shears or knife to harvest the peppers. If you try pulling them off you cpuld stress the branch. I had a full branch looking at me loose in my hand once. It said “why do you hate me so”. lol  So be patient and loving even with this Big Guy Jim. Us Big Guys need love too.

Using & Cooking Big Jim Hot Pepper

 It is popular because of the very long, tasty, 10- to 12-inch pods. An obvious choice for chiles rellenos. It’s very mild even though it is classified as a Hot Pepper, so it can be used as a sweet one as well if you want a bit more flavor in your dish.

Making Chile Relleno’s

  • toast, peel and take out the seeds from a few ripe chiles
  • stuff them with cheddar cheese
  •  beat two eggs with a dash of salt and a tablespoon of flour 
  • make a light batter
  • dip the stuffed pepper into the batter and fry
  • fry in hot olive or vegetable oil in a skillet
  • drain on paper towels
  • sprinkle with a bit of additional cheese
  • top broil and serve with a fresh salsa