Ok… say it 3 times and you can continue.

Peter’s Naughty Penis Pepper Plant, Peter’s Naughty Penis Pepper Plant, Peter’s Naughty Penis Pepper Plant, lol

Growing Peter’s Penis Pepper Plant

Peter’s Naughty Penis Pepper, is classified as a, Capsicum annuum var. annuum. As if anybody cared. What people remember about this pepper is when they were 8 years old and it was the first time they realized what-was-what. (I couldn’t help but putting that in).  You wouldn’t believe all the jokes you get with this pepper. Or maybe you would. In any case I bet you have a few of your own that just seam to ooze up out of your unconscious. That is were all the naughty thoughts are hiding and waiting for their big chance.

Peter’s Naughty Penis Pepper Plant comes (no pun intended) in 3 distinct colors, red, orange and yellow. While maturing, the color goes from it’s infant green to its color, which ever variety you are growing, red, orange of yellow.  The pod of the pepper is wrinkled and has a round tip with a cleft. It is approximately 3 to 4 inches in length, (bigger than my husbands) and 1 to 1.5 inches wide when fully aroused. When fully grown the Peter’s Naughty Penis Pepper Plant can grow up to 50 – 70 cm high. They are infamous cousins of the Tabasco pepper and the jalapeno. However, Peter Peppers are hotter than the Tabasco and 10 times hotter than the jalapeno, weighing in at 35,000-55,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Growing Peter’s Penis Pepper Plant

The more you pick the more the plant will produce peter peppers. Even if you don’t really need them now, you should pick’em and store refrigerate or dry them. Drying peppers is a lot of fun once you are set up for it. It doesn’t take much either. People love to receive them for gifts. Especially the naughty Peter.. It’s is usually grown as an ornamental pepper thanks to what it looks like. Lately some sauces made of it have come on the market. Marketing agencies have a field day promoting this macho-pepper. Can you imagine the attention it gets just by sitting there and looking… well… _ _ _  _.