mycorrhiza-hairsMycorrhizal Fungus is one of the most researched fungi. It  has long been recognized as a very important component to plant health. It maintains a symbiotic relationship to more than 80% of all plants. With it’s extensive hyphae network of pseudo-roots, it increases plant water and nutrient uptake 10 to 1000 times. This is why a well planed live organic growing system can create plants bigger, healthier and more nutritious than any chemical regime in existence. This is not an advertising hype, nor an eco-nut rant. One thing however must be soberly understood. A well educated grower in traditional synthetic based program will outperform a novice organic grower. A good basic knowledge and a lot of care must go into an organic operation, just like all operations. Technical organic knowledge is being defined more and more everyday and should be kept up with for maximum benefits and results.

Mycorrhizal benefits to plant growth can not be duplicated artificially. Mycorrhizal fungi are involved with a wide variety of important activities that benefit plant growth. The biological interplay is just too intense, complex and extensive to duplicate. It would be like trying to put together an organism with chemicals. It will always be way beyond human capacity and understanding. But with a new understanding of these limits the mystery of organics in nature can be applied with the same technical skill as trying to duplicate nature, with interesting results. A very good report was written  by Michael P. Amaranthus, Ph.D. originally appeared in The Spring
1999 issue of Florida Landscape Architecture Quarterly.