The dwarf, compact plants of Mini Bell Mix Sweet Peppers produce a nearly seedless heavy set of small 1 ¼” long by 1 ¼”, blocky shaped bells. Pinch out the growing points at 6″ so the plants get bush. They will grow to only 18″ set fruit in different colors, tangerine, red, orange and chocolate. They are early to flower and set fruit constantly. They’re productive and decorative when grown in containers on a sunny patio. They keep well and maintain their crunch.

Growing Mini Bell Mix Sweet Peppers

 Plant the seeds in a mini auto cup and wait for a couple of weeks to see the tops of their heads. A week or so later, when seedlings are 4 -6″ tall, switch two of them over to a medium 15lt passive or flowing hydro-organic, or 4 to a larger Fincita container. Pinching out the growing points at 6″ will produce plants that are bushy and only 18″ tall. So if you go for the med Hydro-organic container… do it! They require full sun and really don’t mind getting a bit of rain on them.

Using Mini Bells

Mini Bell Mix Sweet Peppers are real sweeties. As all bells, they are excellent in fresh salads, great on kebabs, stuffed or fried. Below find a few videos you can watch to get up on how to cook with bells. The child’s video is especially interesting if your a mother taking care of your kids on a rainy Saturday morning. It really looks good. You slice up bell rings and plop an egg in the middle over a hot frying pan. I gata try that!