There are over 100,000 different fungi recorded in taxonomy. However some experts say there may actually be over one million. The majority of these unrecorded species are hidden in the deeper reaches of tropical rainforest. There you will find billions, yet to be discovered Bacteria, Archaea, Algae, Protozoa and all of the larger plants and animals. Fungi are under appreciated by most gardeners, when in actuality they play the major role in the soil food chain web as the major decay agent. Nutrients are released as waste byproducts after they are eaten or when the fungi die and decay themselves. Soil fungi form a very important symbiosis with plants. More than 90% of all plants form a beneficial relationship with mycrrhizae fungi. These relationships evolved when life was beginning here on Earth some 450,000,000 years ago. These fungal partners extend the reach and the surface area of plant roots. Tree roots, for example, can extend their feeding area an incredible 700 times by a fungal relationship.