simplified-bacteria-diagramBacteria are the most fundamental consideration in organic growing. Few people appreciate this fact. As a child we were inoculated with the impression bacteria are our enemies. It wasn’t until high school, when a teacher “might” have mentioned that there could be some beneficial “GERMS”. Now that I am older and can think for myself, I find that bacterias and other microorganisms could be a friend of mine. Even though you’ll undoubtedly find people that are fearful of all microorganisms because of their affiliation with human diseases, numerous microorganisms are important for many valuable functions as well. Some beneficial microbe tasks are commercial fermentation and prescription antibiotics. This is above and beyond the element cycling of nitrogen, carbon, sulfur and others. Live organic technology is all about beneficial microbes. Bacteria are everywhere and in huge numbers. 400,000 could fit on the period at the end of this sentence. Knowing what makes bacteria tick is to know how to grow the best herb plants. Soft fleshy herb plants are bacteria based in contrast to hard woody plants being fungal based. Herb plants symbiont with bacteria in the soil as do woody shrubs with fungi. So heads up!