microbes-base-of-lifeMost serious home growers are limited to a traditional paradigm, where knowledge is limited to NPK and the soil’s physical structure. Here, in the pages of Microbiology and Holistic Home Gardening you have the opportunity to learn how to use microbe-biology. It is one of the only things that can enhance the flavor and health of your produce. Chemicals kill microbes, the hydro-organic automated system we will explain is alive. “Holistic” means, we’re not turning away from soil chemistry, pH, cation exchange, etc. Traditional soil technology is included, but with the understanding that it’s only the stage where living organics plays out it’s drama. It’s a world unseen and mostly ignored. Yet microbes are the base of the pyramid of all life here on Earth. I couldn’t begin to comprehend why us humans are so big and so few, no more than I could comprehend how 400,000 microbes could fit on the point of a needle. But there are a few things we can have feelings about. Feelings are very real.

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