Lactobascillus Bacteria- is rod-shaped workhorse of decomposing organic plant material into smaller units for plant uptake. Any and all organic growers must have this bacterial superstar at hand for inoculating organic soil if that is the medium for your plants propagation.  It acquired its name because its members convert sugars of lactose into lactic acid. The production of lactic acid makes its surroundings where it id busy breaking down decaying plant parts acidic. This checks the growth of other pathogenic bacteria. Depending on the species they have a lifespan from a half to four hours. They are found everywhere and can be cultured by placing water over rice wash, letting it sit for a week and adding milk. The milk will kill all other bacteria other than Lactobasillus. They are used in the production of yoghurt, cheese, kimchi, chocolate, beer, wine, cider, organic fertilizers and more.