• Here we have a delicious looking dish of dried Hot Jamaican Chocolate chilli peppers
  • Any time you have a brown pepper you will find at some point a few red ones growing in the patch, if it is big enough. Brown is a color genetically related to red. Red being the recessive gene.

You can see the pepper expert Rick Hess go threw a Jamaican Hot Pepper Review. Here is a quote from his comments. “It is painful, and I’m not sure why I go through the pain.” Well most likely for fun Rick. I don’t see anyone going threw something like that for money.

Hot Jamaican Pepper General Description

Hailing from the Scotch Bonnet family in Jamaica, the deadly hot Chocolate Habanero ranks among the notorious few at the top of the heat scale racking up 450,000 scoville heat units. The Chilli Pepper Institute of New Mexico State University reported that the Chocolate Habanero Chile was the hottest chilli pepper. But that was two years ago. New varieties, hotter than the years before, are popping up around every corner. This Jamaican variety for some reason, is also known as the ‘Congo black’. Because it is sometimes hard to differentiate, many are unclear whether the Jamaican Hot Chocolate plants, are actually habaneros, Scotch Bonnets, or their own variety. But one thing is clear, they are a close relative to the habanero, a member of Capsicum chinense. The 2 inch peppers ripen from a deep green to a gorgeous, chocolate brown about 90 days after transplanting.

Cooking with Jamaican Hot Chocolate

The fruits have a unique, rich flavor. The smokiness is unequaled by any other pepper. It’s the ultimate salsa pepper. They have a Caribbean, smoky flavor, which makes them delicious in salsas or the popular Jamaican Jerk sauce or marinade.