In all technology, and for good reason, the scientific method has had to “separated and divided” in an effort to understand basic structures in their specific discipline. We now have a basic understanding of most scientific disciplines, this includes horticulture. But, in today’s sciences, we have hit a wall, which, by it’s mere height, has given us a wider perspective that can only be described as “Awesome”. In growing our plants, we can incorporate methods that considers the whole. Thus we have included the buzz word “Holistic” in much of our work. Holistic Hydro-Organics incorporates the entire plants characteristics of health, taste, quality and the sustainable practices we use to reach these high goals. Thus OST included in its development recycled materials not just in composting and liquid bio-fermentation but in the construction of most of the tools such as containers and hydro system constructs etc. Beyond this the idea of growing some of your own food at home, takes under consideration the footprint left by transportation systems and the monopoly of centralized production.