The Stage Setting for Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method developed originally to investigate plant requirements. The founding fathers of hydroponics added and/or eliminated one chemical at a time to see how growth was effected and if indeed the plant required it. Slowly a formula was developed to only include what they found was needed by the plants. It was  a huge advancement in the field of horticulture. Never before could have the metabolism of plant life been so understood and its mechanisms decoded. It was a very helpful road of investigation and development. But as in many disciplines, there is a time for looking back over our shoulders.

Enter Hydro-Organics

Hydro Organics is a new genera of horticulture. In general terms organics and hydroponics don’t mix. They are normally considered incompatible. Addition of organic compounds to a hydroponic solution generally has phytotoxic effects and causes poor plant growth. Besides, a balanced formula for a traditional hydroponic fertilizer  can not be obtained in an organic manner. This is to say hydroponic nutrients are strictly chemically based. The original development of hydroponics, mentioned in the previous paragraph, overlooked many complex microbial excretions the plant could use to enhance more subtle characteristics such as nutritional content, esthetics, color, taste, immunology and more. This set the stage for Hydro-Organics where the discipline of traditional horticulture includes living microbes into their laboratories. The pioneering in an organic-hydro system started as far back as 2008 at the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO), in Kusawa, Japan by researchers Makoto Shinohara, Hiromi Ohmori and Yoichi Uehara. The study was published under the tittle . “Microbial ecosystem constructed in water for successful organic hydroponics”. I can’t really say why this initial study took 5 years to emerge. It was published in 2008. The hydroponic enthusiasts I have met are stout and feel they know what they are doing. They do! But there are alternatives now in Hydroponics.

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