Growing your own  in an automated fashion is easy… once you have learned the system. Once informed, the rest is down hill. So “heads up”, choose the container you are thinking about and see for yourself how it’s structured.

Hydro-Organico Container Generalities

There are a few things in common with all types and sizes of Hydro-Organico Containers. It;s the basics that you should be familiar with right from the start. 

Water Reservoir

All containers have a reservoir of water below the organically based substrate used for the substrate (potting soil). The water is wicked up into the soil by being in very close proximity to the reservoir. Through out the growing one needs to keep in mind that the soil must always be humid. If any part of the potting mix soil gets dry, there will be no wicking up of the water. There are a few different ways of conserving the humidity in the soil. Different containers or different plants might be needing one or the other ways. The best and most secure way is by topping the mix off with a thin plastic covering. You can top off the plastic if you don’t like it’s look with dried macadamia shells. They last almost forever and can be used over and over again. I will be describing other ways for moisture conservation as we go along.