Hydro-Organic Passive Containers come in 5, 20 and 40 liter capacities. These sizes include both the water reservoir and the substrate volumes combined. Normally there is a 2 to 3 water to substrata ratio. The descriptive “Passive” refers to the water being held in the bottom of the container passively. It does not flow as do the “Active” containers with a pump. The water is carried to the substrate and plant via “wicking”. A small portion of the substrate is below the water level. This small part gets saturated and carries (wicks) the water up via capillary action to the rest of the root laden media. It is actually a quite old system used by the ancient Egyptians during the Great Pyramid era.

The very best thing about a Hydro-Organic Passive container besides automatic watering, is that you will not need to add fertilizer for the life of a normal vegetable. How can this be, you ask. Because the nutrients are not leached out be constant watering nor the rain. The water is delivered upwards conserving all the fertilizers in the planting medium. Normally when you water a plant, the excess water drains out the bottom along with 10% of the nourishment. After 10 watering a normal pot is nutritionally depleted.

Depending on the room you have, the vegetable being planted and the density of the planting, you can choose a design and  size suitable for your needs. The high quality substrate will support a 3 month growing period for your vegetable. If it is a plant that grows year to year you can add a special compost at intervals to keep her strong and smiling.