Hydro-Organico Containers come in many sizes, shapes and designs. There are passive types which have a reservoir water tank but with no pump nor flowing water. Great for outside and requires no electricity. These can be hung on your Flying Vivero if you like. There are also Active Hydro-Organico Containers with flowing water pushed by a mini-pump. The ebb-and-flow of the water level pushes new air through the soil every few minutes providing the plant roots with a new supply of oxygen and carbon dioxide pushing its growth to the max. There is even varieties of Aquaponic systems which are supported by fish. You can grow and eat the fish as well as the veggies they fertilize. All are constructed using recycled containers of one kind/size or another. The entire repertoire, be it active passive or aquaponic are made by hand.

Below find all the info you will need to get started with a Hydro-Organico systems  passive, active and aquaponic.