indeterminate-tomato-plant-featuredIndeterminate tomato plants you will want to have under growth control. If you leave all the suckers to grow, your plants will become heavy besides growing on top of and over other plants if not your entire patio. It’s incredible this vegetable plants eagerness to grow and live. Removing some suckers will result in a more compact plant and larger tomatoes. The indeterminate growth pattern is exponential. From the main stem a sucker will form in the crotch of the first leaf. This will grow into a vine while the main stem keeps growing and produces more leaves with a new vine shooting from its union as well. mean while every new vine will produce leaves with a new stem in the crotch as well. So you are multiplying stems on top of multiple stems. At that rate you could get over crowded in a very short time. You will want to know how to Prune an indeterminate tomato Plant

Determinate tomatoes produce fruit at the ends of their branches. They stop growing while they are fairly short. Indeterminate types, in contrast, produce fruit at intervals along their stems, and intern these stems will produce fruit at intervals along their stems and so on, into and over sleeping beauties castle. KNOW THE DIFFERENCES