determinate-tomato-plant-featuredDeterminant tomato plants have a predetermined growth cycle. When they reach a certain height they cease growing. If you are growing a determinate, pruning is of little importance. You might consider removing a few lower branches once it has grown a bit to assist in air circulation under the plant. The Bonsai Dwarf Red Cherry Tomato , for example, is a determinant type. It’s perfect for a smaller container such as the 5lt Hydro-Organic passive container. The  Bonsai Cherry Tomato doesn’t fruit until the branches are pretty much fully grown and then they set their fruit development all at once. So pruning is not required. With no pruning required, there is little to worry about along the way. The plant naturally will get bushy and well formed. Most determinate varieties are recent hybrids, heirlooms are not.

Determinate tomatoes produce fruit at the ends of their branches. They stop growing while they are fairly short. Indeterminate types, in contrast, produce fruit at intervals along their stems, and intern these stems will produce fruit at intervals along their stems and so on, into and over sleeping beauties castle. KNOW THE DIFFERENCES