Pole beans are the Original Beans. These were the only type prior to man hybridizing them into a bushy growth. You can check out all the pole bean varieties below. But all the pole beans have a few things in common. They are all a vine plant, so will be looking to grow up anything within reach. Placing them next to a structure to climb will be a good idea.  One suggestion is to plant 5 of them in the Fincita Container. You can place the Fincita in the middle of a Flying Nun and train it to climb all over its arms and poles. It will produce beans for quite a while, unlike bush beans that perish after the first flush. Due to their continuous growth habit, pole beans are always at different stages of development. So there is no need to plant them in a staggered time frame like you would bush beans, if you want a continual supply. Poles give and give.Keep the plants well picked to increase overall yields. Be sure to keep the plants well picked to increase overall yields.