Home Organics could mean a variety of practices. It could mean anything from separating your waste materials to growing lettuce. OST (Organic Soil Technology) is focused on growing things you can eat. Yummm ! With the a new awareness dawning, many of us have given the idea of Organics more time, but putting it in practice doesn’t come automatically. Our every day living is mostly a function of habitual behavior. For example driving a car. We could be thinking of a million different things driving on the way to Grandma’s house. Obviously our actions during this time are automated. I believe everyone can relate to this. Habitability goes deep into our day. Changing our every day way of living takes a bit of practice. So it is with a holistic organic way. It needs to be practiced in a pleasant way. Hogar Organics is meant to slowly and pleasantly bring you and your home into a natural flow of living that will eventually come automatically to you.

Growing your own food is fun and yummy. It’s a great starting point for our new awareness of sustainability. It’s not the quick fix nor simply the trendy thing to do. It is the beginning of a journey that will lead us around the bend of our human development. If we have learned anything about life, it is that nature works symbiotically. What is good for only one and not for the rest, will soon be gone. Having fun along the way is good for you and the ones you love. It’s an incredible world out there. If growing your own wasn’t any fun why be a part of it.