Not that long ago, the kitchen garden was also the medicine garden. Medicinal plants were part of traditional, working knowledge of Grandmother, passed down to Mom. Plants which were to fussy to grow, were gathered in the surrounding meadows and fields, preserved and placed in the cupboard to heal and sooth illness and pain. Then came the advent the Corporate World with its ever powerful bottom line, focusing on alleviating symptoms and not the core illness. Why? Because by maintaining the disease, the need for suppressing painful symptoms is a better business than illicit drugs on the streets. Combined with Big Corporation Farming, Advertising and Big Medicine’s synthesized drugs, the home pharmacy has all but disappeared, and with it the knowledge of simple herbal “cures” for common ailments to degenerative diseases. with the dawning of teh information age, his information is now resurfacing: researched and regenerated by people who want to take an active and independent role in their own health care.

A very necessary part of the grass-roots renaissance is self-education. Starting is easy. Just familiarize yourself with a few key herbs and begin to use them in your daily life. As you see how effective they are it will spark your desire to learn more, and you’re on your way!