“It starts with a single cell, the first cell splits to become two, and the two become four and so on. After just forty-seven doublings you are ready to spring forth as a human being. Everyone of those cells knows exactly what to do to preserve and nurture you from the moment of conception to your last breath.”– Bill Bryson (from A Short History of Nearly Everything)

There are 3 good P reasons for growing and consuming organic fruits, herbs and vegetables… no Pesticides, no Plastic, no Processing. Bellow you can start educating yourself on about how to live Nobelly (with no belly). The time has come. Eating and living traditionally, was a long road. But that was then and now is different. The body feels sluggish the flesh is fat and our joints ache. We don’t want to finish our lives with multiple surgeries and crutches of which our parents had suffered. The writing is on every wall we HIT. Eating right is no longer simply the fashion. It is our savior from a depleted, toxin filled and abused body. I am told I can reverse the damage eating intelligently. I am told our bodies can heal themselves. I am told there is a Loving God. I am told so much, many times I don’t listen. But eventually I began to understand what is chafe and what is real. “I” need to experience all I am told before I call it my own. If something sounds right… test it out to know for sure. I invite you to start here. Grow some good food, nutritional with no chemicals. It’s going to be easy. We don’t want to hear that we have a genetically weak this or that. We don’t want to hear that suffering and old-age are synonymous. I believe that awareness and education are the first steps in addressing our physical and mental health problems. Improving how we eat and our habits of lifestyle is one of the most crucial steps we can take to improving the quality of our life as we age.

True Health needs to be contemplated holistically. Diet, growing vegetables-herbs and a detox program all should be considered in your new awareness of staying in top physical and mental health. We are social animals and want to be accepted by our fellow man. Surrounding ourselves with like minded friends and family can be a major key to the path of happiness and light.

Below find some important topics for a holistic approach to a healthy enlightenment