Explosive Ember is an upright, edible ornamental pepper with unique purple foliage and purple flowers when in full sun. It grows 10″ to 14″ tall and 8″ to 10″ wide. Explosive Ember is versatile, vigorous, and very easy to grow. It is a plant that is both good looking and spicy. Explosive Embers are bushy, well-branched with rigid, brittle stems and thin, narrow, dark green and purple leaves. Before developing into the fruit, their flowers are inconspicuous but flashy, six-petaled purple and give way to cone-shaped, bunching pepper berries. explosive-ember-hot-pepper-6After the blooms pass, the fruit begins to set in clusters of about half a dozen. The small hot peppers are born purple and then turn red and ember, standing above stunning purple and green foliage. On the interior the peppers are divided by spongy ribbing which supports many small, flattened, rounded seeds. The pepper fruits are mild but still hot. The younger fruits are sharper, while the mature peppers are sweeter in taste. It has a rating of 3000 Scoville Units.

Plants take 130 – 145 days to produce fruit after planting from seed. Never plant over 1/4″ deep.