Cayenne General Description

The Cayenne Blend Pepper group is a fiery mix of long slender peppers 4 to 6″ long, which ripen in a rainbow of colors including purple, green, red and yellow. They have a Scoville capsaician rating of close to 3000. This makes it a mildly hot pepper. For some 3,000 might be very hot, depending on your experience with the spices. But the most interesting thing about Cayenne and all peppers containing Capsaicin, is their medicinal qualities. It has been proven to reduce inflammation, cholesterol, triglyceride levels. Researchers say it fights cancer, prevents heart attacks,

Cayenne Peppers Medicinal Qualities

Or is the best thing about Cayenne peppers their medicinal qualities

Many who are not aware of Cayenne’s medicinal qualities, feel the best thing about Cayenne is they keep their color when dried. So they are perfect for the ornamental appeal when dried and strung. So you can use them as ornaments indoors and out or you can grind them into bold spice mixes. Those persons should go to Shirley’s Wellness Cafe’s website to read up on Dr. Patrick Quillin research. (Excerpt below) True those are all good qualities in a pepper. But I am amazed at the health benefits of Cayenne pepper… truly.

Dr. Patrick Quillin “Cayenne pepper – prized for thousands of years for its healing power. Folklore from around the world recounts amazing results using cayenne pepper in simple healing and in baffling health problems. But cayenne pepper is not just a healer from ancient history. Recent clinical studies have been conducted on many of the old-time health applications for this miracle herb. Again and again, the therapeutic value of cayenne pepper has been medically validated.”

How to Grow | Cayenne Blend Peppers

Harvest the first green fruits early to encourage continued harvests. Better to cut, not pull, the fruit from the stems. Wash hands thoroughly or wear gloves when working with this fruit, as the capsaicin in the pepper is an extreme eye and skin irritant.

How to Use the Cayenne Blend Peppers

The Cayenne Blend is delicious for fresh eating. You can stuff the small peppers for appetizers or chop them into Mexican dishes and add them to chili, bean bakes, and other casserole-style cuisine. They also do well on the grill, acquiring rich smoky accents when placed right on the hot coals… yes! OR… use fresh in sauces or salsa or dry the thin walled fruit for pepper flakes or to flavor oil and vinegar. There is a long list of ways to use Cayenne peppers. It’s a standard in the pepper fields.