Bonsai Dwarf Red Cherry Tomato General Description

This Red Cherry Tomato is a mini plant that likes small places and containers. It grows to only a 30cm height, perfect for a 5lt Vegetable Hydro-Organic pot. It is what they call a determinant tomato, meaning it will grow to its dwarf size and then stops the show. Have  you ever grown a cherry tomato and it seams to never stop crawling and crawling and crawling up its support? Well not this baby. She will get to her 30cm height and start to flower if not before. The flavor is sweet and perfect for accenting any dish. But don’t count on it. Your probably going to want to pop a few in your mouth every day as your inspecting your brood. So plant a few extra pots for the kitchen as well. Or… if I may be so bold as to recommend planting a full aquaponic-tower full of Bonsai Dwarf Red Cherry Tomato Plants. It will be a very showy affair. Tat-tat it at your neighbor who buys his produce at the local poisonous grocery store. (excuse my sarcasm. I couldn’t help it.) But be kind to the traditional mind-set you find living near by. They need to be “suggested” into saving himself and humanity… not shamed into it. That is the way people change, by love not strength of force. Force closes minds, being an example for them stimulates their desire. Have fun with it all! Be cool, be kind and you will be happy!

Growing Bonsai Dwarf Red Cherry Tomato

Forget about how difficult some seeds are to germinate… like many peppers. Plant the Bonsai Dwarf Red Cherry Tomato seeds directly into the 5lt Veggie Pot because it’ll be waking up from it’s seed nap in less than 4 days. You can see the image on the picture-carousel above of the seedling. We plated it on Saturday and it was in our face smiling up like a happy baby on the following Thursday. I was taken back. It has a slight red tint to the stems and leaves that is unmistakably cute, cootchy-cootchy-cooo!