Bolivian Rainbow’s  small naturally bushy plants produce 100’s of small, teardrop shaped, hot chillies. Bolivian Rainbow Chilli Pepper produces fruit year around making it a bright and colorful addition to your home’s garden or patio. It produces small five-petaled purple flowers that give way to conical fruits. These small conical fruits turn different colors as they mature. The peppers start out a brilliant purple and turn yellow to orange to red, with all stages of the pepper present on the plant at once. The peppers are small, about 1 inch, and cone-shaped, growing upright on the plant. They somewhat resemble Christmas lights because of their shape and their bright and differing colors. The peppers stand bright against the deep purple-hued stems and leaves of this tall bushy pepper. Bolivian Rainbow peppers can reach up to 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide. It is classified as an ornamental pepper however the fruit is “Hot” and tasty, so use them cautiously. Most of the heat comes from the pithy ribs, inner lining and seeds of the pepper, so keep this in mind when cooking with them. The Bolivian Rainbow’s chiles are delicious in salads or salsas, and can be dried or pickled.

Bolivian Rainbow is part of the Capsicum genus. Its scientific name is Capsicum annuum longum group ‘Bolivian Rainbow’ grown for centuries in Bolivia.