So just when you thought you knew the difference between a fungus and a bacteria… you learn about actinomycetes bacteria.

actinomycetes-featured-imageActinomycetes Bacteria- is a Cellulomonas Bacteria obtaining its name of fame by being very different from other bacteria. It is actually very fungus like because of its long extending hyphae filaments. It is one of the only bacterias that can break down recalcitrant compounds such as cellulose and chitin as a food source. Therefore this makes it a good component of and beneficial microorganism inoculation community. During the process of composting mainly thermophilic (adapted to high temperatures) and thermotolerant actinomycetes are responsible for decomposition of the organic matter at elevated temperatures. In the initial phase of composting the intensive increase of microbial activity leads to a self heating of the organic material. Actinomycetes, like fungi reproduce via spores. The hyphal growth is followed by fragmentation and release of spores produced asexually.